Meeting in Brno

Erasmus Team 09 Nov 2017
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Here we go with another meeting, this time it took place in Brno.

It all started at the 5th of November, when all the team - Polish, German and Italians arrived in Brno. We were welcomed by Czech students and had a dinner there.

In Brno, our main concern was to learn a lot about databases and how we can use it in our projects.

There were a lot of workshops hosted by the Czech students on which we learned just that and also how to do an implementation in Android.

Also work was not the only thing we did. We also had the opportunity to see a bit of Brno and Czech in general. It was an enriching meeting with interesting culture that most of our students will remember for their lives.

We could also work on our language skills - the communication was done entirely in English - it had to because we worked in international teams.

RedHat - a leading company in IT workfield held some workshops for us - so we could learn a bit about Linux and how RedHat works. It’s very useful as Linux is a leading system in IT world.

Specialist from RedHat tought us much.

Of course Arduino is also a part of our project, so we did it as well. We created an app which measures all kind of different meteralogical data - tempreature, pressure, humidity and so on. We then took Arduinos loaded with these apps when we went out, to collect some data that we later exported and shown on Excel. It was a very good practical example of how we can use what we learn in our daily lives.